The Walls and The Relief

December 16, 2011
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I found myself stranded and lost
In my own mind, unsure where to
Turn as if my world suddenly evolved
Into a maze filled only with sorrow and myself.
I knew that you were the only obstacle
In that labyrinth of thoughts.
You were the only thing stopping me
From conquering the world that night.
I had sacrificed so much to make
You happy but you didn’t return the favor.
I grasped onto the fact that
I shouldn’t let you stop me.
I knew I could get out on my own.
I viewed beyond the horizon and saw a light in
The distance. I followed it and unraveled a path home.

The relief of being home meant nothing when
I realized that while I had been
Left alone with only memories to hold
I grew into an ugly person inside.
My ideals changed as I sat alone
Caring about nothing except you.
Now lucid and free I realize what must happen.
I shouldn’t love you, but I do forgive you.
I set you free, as you did for me.
The separation between us brings
Hope to my eyes.
I know I can fly; I will persevere.

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