~*8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning*~

December 16, 2011
~*8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning*~
I lay down on my grass one summer night
and I look at the stars
and think of your wonderful eyes.
The next day I sit down on the top of my house roof
I look through the branches of the trees
And I see the sunset reminds
Me of your warm smile.
I lay in bed thankful that you’re mine,
You stare into my eyes as you hold me
And everything turns into nothing
I fall asleep with your soft serenades
That rocks me to sleep every night
I couldn’t stop
Loving you even if I tried
I will love you forever.
How do I convince you of it?
Should I write it on a mirror?
Tell you, tell the world that I
Have no other world than you.
At times I wonder if you miss me at all.
If I give you my heart will
You promise not to break it?
I want you to know that I will always be
By your side, even if we aren’t together
If you’re sad, I’m sad
If you’re happy, I’m happy
when you smile, I’ll smile.
I’ve never known someone so well and still
With so much to discover
I’ve never been able to say I love you
and have it mean something so beautifully
Something so beautiful
And special every time,
I wonder every night if the next day will be good or bad,
I wouldn’t want things to go wrong
my heart beats faster when I see you from a distance.
I’m so proud to be me these days,
everything I want and all that I need is right next to me
I have what I want…
And its you

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