My lovely mother

December 16, 2011
You are greatly loved,
Without I would be lost, without you I would be forever scared.
You are my anchor, my pillar of safety.
The special connection we have holds me to this place.
You have happiness, and you have love from me.
I love you with my whole being!
You are my friend, my teacher, my mentor.
You are my mother and I love you!
To be a mother is not an easy task,
yet you do it proudly everyday no matter what is asked.
You have turned your baby into a beautiful young lady.
You were there for me since the very beginning and saved me countless tears.
The pushy and wise advice you gave will carry me through the years.
With my every mistake or wrongful deed,
you were always there to understand.
You put no limits on my dreams or anything else I wish to do.
You never forget to say you care or that you love me to.
The smile and tears upon your face when I achieve provides me with more value in my heart then you’d ever believe.
There is no other person that will shape my heart the way you’ve done,
your job finished perfectly for your precious daughters and son.
We have had a rocky road through triumph and catastrophe, hard time and despair, but not a single moment of time of not having a wonderful mother there.
You have always put in your last with love and my whole life is not enough time for me to repay you.
We always put our disagreements to the side and manage to make it through.
I know that my teenager’s years is driving you crazy but you’re guiding is assurance me along the way.
You have given me comfort and certainty with every breath I take within the day.
Your little girl is growing up but your baby girl will always remain deep inside me.
There are not enough words that can thank you for everything you have helped me emotionally and physically.
I have my whole future ahead of me and you are the women that has leaded me and guided me towards the proper path.
How can one simple day prove that much thanks and love to someone who has pushed this far and still is working her way?
No other person deserves a more wonderful Mothers Day.
By: Erianna Henderson

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