Forgiven Heartbreak

December 16, 2011
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Was this proclaimed love just a segment of my imagination?
Or was it a game you played by nature to deprive me of the love I thought I had?

Why must you try to deceive me?
& why fake me into believing a fib, a story, a myth.
Told by many ,but by you at best.
You lie and try to fail me on a daily basis.

I love how you wanted to play me for a fool
And I fell for it.
The pain you caused of great importance to me ,
But something so trivial to you.

But I will continue to live and soar,
And I will love and I will grow .
They say forgive and forget,
And I forgive you with no hesitation.

And as far as forget goes,
I can’t forget the love I had for you
It was so strong and real ,
Let you tell the story it was only once upon a time.

So I’m just done , done with it all.
& the last tear I shed today,
I promise with my all
That will be the last tear I shed for you ever.

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