December 16, 2011
By littledrew BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
littledrew BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Two people

death two sad

gone disappearing
Two different

never happy

in the night
Two empty

the light is smooth

never returning
Two worlds

the dark is rocky

back this is life
Trying to collide

what will happen

you have to love one
Trying to eliminate
will they collide

the light and dark is
One another

in then combine into
like yin and yang
Two times

one thing

and together they
Two far

what is there to

are stronger then
At times

become of this

ever before
Soon will they

why is this happening
never will it go
Meet the

there is a war going on never will it come
Two worlds

about life or death
One light

when will this end

never was it here
As of love

or is it endless

our world is the
So smooth

how will it be solved
same it’s made up
Always happy

or shall it never be solved of life and dark
Never more

like a math problem

two parts
Never sad

that is able to be solved
combine into
The dark is like

soon it will hopefully be gone one would

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