The She

December 16, 2011
Who could it be?
Could it be my She?
The She I’ve forever waited for?
The She that I’ve been needing?
The She to send my heart to soar,
or the She, who on my soul would be feeding?

Is it the She my heart will cherish?
Is it the She to content my yearn?
The She whose spirit is not to perish,
But the She whose self is cause enough for mine eyes to turn?

She loves me, She loves me not,
The tension has my stomach in a knot.
Her mind is made of wonder,
her soul, of gold.
The more upon it that I ponder,
Stakes through my feelings read “sold”.

The She I’ve always hoped for,
The She who holds the key.
The She who can see to my being’s core,
The She whom will always be there for me.

The idea of finding my She,
Creates a warm fire within me.
My dear god in the sky, I pray to thee!
Please let this woman; so shy
Be to me; my She…

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