My Kingdom

December 16, 2011
By Sydjones98 BRONZE, Greenwood, Indiana
Sydjones98 BRONZE, Greenwood, Indiana
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Confusion and frustration,
The rulers of my world.
I live in a kingdom,
They call me a princess.
Beauty and glamour,
Diamonds and gold.
That’s all people see,
But there is so much more.
My beautiful Kingdom,
My town of deceit.
People look on with envy
As I walk through the streets.
Townsfolk turn green,
And I look away guiltily
Thinking to myself
“If only they knew me.”
Won’t you come visit
My city of hate?
Come take my place
And be me for a day?
Be a beautiful princess,
You’ll feel like a prisoner.
Lie to your friends,
and people you love!
Come be a diamond,
A diamond in the rough………

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