I Am From______

December 16, 2011
By Austin Lu BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
Austin Lu BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
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I am from early morning soccer games but staying until the late afternoon playing with other teams, snorkeling along every beach while watching elegant fish swim by, and a stuffed lion I always called tiger.

I am from departing to Books of Millions the book store and starring at the variety of pictures on the wall while connecting and moving the toy train tracks.

I am from endless hours of watching SpongeBob and singing along to the theme song I, I captain.

I am from my grandparents’ Chinese rice straight from the steamer with a little bit of water to keep it from sticking. The rich smell of stir fry in the kitchen and the aroma of love in the air.

I am from playing a ragging battle of hockey against my neighbor Dominic. As Dominic and I always fought for the lead, but no one willing to give up until we’re both exhausted. With both of us knowing, it was not a game of power, but the will to keep fighting. At the end, the score remained tied and that’s how we left the battle of with both of us claiming we would win the next day.

I am from hours of VS against myself playing air hockey, days on end fighting the wars of with my army men, and going back to my roots, China, and learning about where I came from.

I am from fresh blue crab in November and dipping them into melted butter that made me savor every last bite.

I am from years on end collecting and reading all the Magic Tree House books and imagining that I was one and went to those exotic places.

My memories are like an unfinished puzzle that gradually forms a whole. While, I add more ingredients to the unfinished dish which is me.

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