Forgotten Eyes

December 16, 2011
with forgotten eyes

from timeless skies

through clouded gaze

of unlived days:

I see you

seeing through me

wishing you had seen

what would have been.

but say said no

and love had died

but that's okay,

I'm not alive

forget the forgotten

who forgot we forget.

forsake the forsaken

we for-sought to regret.

we get what we're getting

but we aint got a lot.

not much to do

but to love,

I love you.

We're walking backwards,

running in squares,

we're going no where,

Does anyone even care?

you are within you

as me before he

love let live

free, free me

close your eyes

until you see

that thing you should have seen

that thing of now,

of you,

of me.

forgetting it all

just letting love be

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