My Life

December 15, 2011
A story a beginning, middle & ending.
As I read and read,
I wonder ‘what message is it sending?’
I life solved at the very end?

My story starts as I learned to speak;
that was my problem.
Because that fact made me weak.
I fear the silence.

It’s just like a bad dream.
I freak out when I hear the shh
the only point of view that seems,
Like a dead body’s corpse.

In the middle,
Life’s suppose to get better
I still notice
Every new and old days,
My eyes are getting wetter.

Where is my love story?
Cinderella is currently going to the ball.
She has wonders coming,
And what do I have?
None at all.

The End:
Yay it’s the end!
Time for dreams to come true!
I’m angry.
You know why?
Because I’m still stuck with you.

Please realize that I’m right in front of you,
I’m waiting and waiting,
With no progress,
I won’t give up;
Because we will soon be dating.

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