December 18, 2011
The "Danger, keep off tracks" sign behind us made me nervous.
I needed them to sit down.
"Come take a picture with me!"
They came running towards me
with smiles on their faces.

I hated the hat my little brother was wearing.
The different tones of tans and light greens.
I wanted him to wear the baseball cap,
but my mom told him this one looked cute.
It was MY birthday, why couldn't I decide?
Now I'd give anything to see him in that hat again.

My sister was getting on my nerves.
She was complaining about the sun being in her eyes,
and how it was too hot.
I bet it's hotter in Puerto Rico.
I wonder if she complains over there?

I brush my bright red hair out of my eyes,
as i wrapped my arm around them both.
We squeezed tightly together
and smiled as big as we could.
Despite annoying each other and all the fights
we were always happy together.
That's why now, I'm always sad.

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