December 1, 2011
By Anonymous

and waiting
This long gruesome wait

My eyes gush and bleed
As the sting of ice bullets and rocks
Chip away at them
They plead as to be free
From this unfair pain

My whole body rattles
and shakes
As if I were on a roller coaster

My jaw opens and closes
like a snatch
The pearls inside
Tend to get looser

My hands form ice fingernails
Perhaps I should have
Remembered my wool gloves

The color of my skin
Chapped red
to the point they crack into canyons

Hope as I stand
That long yellow vehicle on six wheels
Should be here soon

Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone out
Ten minutes before my bus time

As I stand being cut and gnawed away
from the dead of the cold

Apart of my soul leaves
In dream of heat

Here I stand
and waiting
This long gruesome wait

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