Lonely Nights

December 22, 2011
By tayler4332 GOLD, Abingdon, Illinois
tayler4332 GOLD, Abingdon, Illinois
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the memory of her touch
the smiles on her face
the odd resemblance of passion in her eyes as she said her goodbyes

the pills that haunt me
lurking everywhere I turn

these scars that bind me
flashing crimson with every glance

never letting go

miles away
her lips I dire
to feel them just once

to dull the pain
these lonely nights bring

a faded picture I have to hold each night
of the smile I dream to see one day

to take her in my arms
and never let go

to be able to say those words
whenever so

to know that she is mine, as I am hers
she gives me hope
a word from her, something to anticipate each day

a reason to live, a reason to wake

so here just once i will at last
be the first to say these words aloud

only to hear them echo from the clouds
as I open my eyes to realize it was nothing but a disguise
something I made up all along

a shield, a cover from, from myself, the truth to hide
a pain these lonely nights bring

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