December 22, 2011
By tayler4332 GOLD, Abingdon, Illinois
tayler4332 GOLD, Abingdon, Illinois
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the love she felt ill never know
you cherished her so
thought shed never let go
then one dreaded day her goodbyes would be the last

you wake alone
silence fills your room
curl, pulling your knees to your chest
bite your lip, fight the tears
pass this test

one by one they offer themselves
at your disposal
eager to release your pain
they think they're the one
it's not them it's you

stuck in the past
on something beyond your grasp

you'll never be him
you'll find the one you love
you will hold her tight
close your eyes, shout the lies

you found your love
felt her touch
the same as he

turned them away
"I'm better off alone"
you grip the rope, grit your teeth
eat the lies, hide the truth

falling apart
the metal you befriend
one you can count on to hide the pain
always there when needed
not a word of protest

the secrets you hide
your heart in a box
yet still this guilt fills your chest
taking you from the rest

left behind
your "friends" they mourn
a day or two at the most
soon left un-thought

no name spoken
pictures unviewed
the pain they feel too unreal

one remains
her love you were
she felt your touch

turning the rest away
she grips the rope, grits her teeth
tells the lies, hides her truth

your touch she yearns
silent sobs
drip by drip tears fall down her chin

darkness fills her room
she creeps to the box
the metal she seeks
an old friend lost

to be with you she dires
a payment she gives
a price to pay
crimson drops for the thoughts of you

the end is near
her vision fades
memories of you flood her veins
your name she whispers
as the room fades out
gone at last

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