true love

December 20, 2011
By Sophh SILVER, Dickinson, North Dakota
Sophh SILVER, Dickinson, North Dakota
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We don't lie like the rest we'll say it straight up our past ain't been the best. We're down for each other, we stay committed, this ain't one of those things where ya hit it and quit it. You stay true to me and i stay true to you, they doubted us, but we both knew, i love you & you love me they can't ruin this s***, can't they see, i'm down 4 you & you down for me, we paid the price it didn't come free. We'll never give up, never let this go, ya'll doubted us but what do ya know? &You should never hold on too loose or too tight, and don't give up jus' cuz ya fight. Say how ya feel & don't hold back, we all gotta past so don't look back

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