Little barbie

December 23, 2011
By lilmissnicegirl GOLD, Birmingham, Alabama
lilmissnicegirl GOLD, Birmingham, Alabama
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Lifeless, emotionless, dead, used, a toy;
None of which I am.
Changeable, store bought, cheap, always happy to see you;
Something I’ll never be.
Made of plastic, heartless, your little play thing;
The one thing you wish I was.
Your little Barbie doll is not what I am.
I’m not your Barbie doll or bratz doll either.
I refuse to be your toy, your form of entertainment, your little Barbie doll.
I have life. I am alive. I will not be used. I am not a toy.
I will not be changed just because you feel like it. I am not store bought. I am not cheap. I will never be happy to see you.
I am not made of plastic. I have a heart. I am not your little play thing.
Give it up. You won’t get me to be it. I won’t do it. You won’t win.
I won’t be your cheap, plastic, store bought, brain dead, little Barbie doll.

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