What I See

December 23, 2011
The world around me speaks of pain, despair, hate, and unkindness.
It tells me of a future of loneliness and heartache.
I don’t listen. I don’t look. I don’t ask.
I see differently. I only see what people say.
“Waste of flesh”, “Fatty”, “Dummy”, “Idiot”
Some of the words heard daily.
My eyes become my biggest enemy.
They betray my fantasies, bringing me back to reality.
Working my nerves, what I hear him say.
He won’t shut his face.
He doesn’t understand that ill shut it for him.
Rage. The only feeling he brings me.
Irritation. All that he is.
Grief. The curse he gives to all that have to deal him.
Hate. The only thing I have for him.
Trust. The one thing I can’t do with him.
RIGHT. Something he’s not.
Friends. Something we’ll never be.
Good. That’s what I am.
Bad. That’s what he wants to be.
Me. Him. Two different people.

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