December 22, 2011
Are you on my side?
Do you relate to me in a way only we can understand?
Are you on my level?
Do you see the world through MY eyes?
Are you contradictory?
Do you see prosperity as well as flaws?
Or are you a follower?
Do you conform to the ways of the crowd?
I say to you,
and YOU.
Stand up from tribal discrimination
Refrain from the crowd
Leave judging to courts, and barking to dogs
If you stand alone, still stand
Someone will stand with you
Because if you stand for the loveliness we desire
Eventually, a hand will fit yours in tranquility
Eventually, there will be a multitude of hands, reaching for you
Eventually, the hands you hold will be more than the unjust
Eventually, the guns will be dropped and the wars will end
I say to you,
and YOU
The world will see itself as it should be shown

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