The Speed of Love

December 22, 2011
By J-emovillain BRONZE, Central N, New York
J-emovillain BRONZE, Central N, New York
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Favorite Quote:
You never accepted or treated me fair, blame me for what I believe and I wear.

She was the color of whiteout,
she was the only one I could write about.
She was pulled over because she sped,
and it didn't take anything else but dread.
Although I met her in the Shadow of The Valley of Death,
I'll open up the book to catch her breath.
And I'm waiting; like the flies grazing, I'm waiting,
With my brain turned off she's abating.
Each time I see her face I feel like my spine is changing shape,
each time she sees my face she records me like a videotape.
So how can it feel this lonely?
if only, if only.
So bend your knees at the altar of my ego please,
confess the sins in your heart so you'll be at ease.
Ask yourself before you get into the car,
do you love him; don't leave the car door ajar.
Love him so he can be your scapegoat,
and so they can shove their hands down his throat.
My blindside during the joyride, while you were DWN
Your blindside during the joyride; crashed, couldn't find the VIN.
We were so auto-phobic the day we lost our souls,
maybe I wasn't so perfect but my heart had too many holes.
I fell in love with her as fast as a car crash,
Your car ignited and left nothing but ash.
I can already see the coughed up blood, on my windshield,
I can already see the blood was already wind-chilled.
I'm just a data of a soul and made to look like a human being,
Your just taunting and annihilating my digital well-being.
I waited in line with you, with the angel, who wanted me to repent,
with the evil thing on my back I knew I had to dissent,
So why does she look so lonely?
Did she give in to all that was holy?
For the sake of our lives,
I hope she didn't and I had to live on my lies.
I believed that she was the only thing that was believable,
but does she have the malady to be-leavable?
Shine your high beam headlights in my blank stare,
You totaled your car in my love, now you must pay the taxi fare.
Faster, faster,faster,faster then slam on the brakes,
crash in love; drive us to the edge of the world before your tears can cake.
I'll catch you anyways so stop the pursuit,
Figures you'll take the narrowest highway from all of Hell's routes.
Getting her to notice me is harder than watching the motorcade,
When we hit the stop sign, put the flag over his face to overlay.
I know the insurance won't cover me,
If only they had a rehab for what she's doing to me.
I wish I could just give in,
I wish I could just give in,
I'm tasteless and off the wagon,
the pictures lasted longer as I used my canon,
With her cut throat attitude, it didn't take much,
15 rusted bars upon the metal hutch.
She's amaxophobic the fear is showing,
There's no sign the motorcade is slowing.
Dead; you're hands are red,
Dead; put your heart to bed
Dead; your license has turned to shreds.
I've got mood poisoning, they must be something that I h(ate)
They call love fake,
I call it amazing! with a side of stomach aches.
The core of her heart is where her emotions revolve like a word
tailgating; disintegrate, melting under her skin, bacteria,
into transmission, love, I'm unheard,
I'm unheard!
and I'm heard!
and I'm heard!
by her.
I want to crash into the deed of love
I want to outrace the speed of love.

The author's comments:
Just a free spirited, back and forth, mediocre love poem.

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