December 22, 2011
A word with a meaning.
A feeling with a face.
A word with synonyms, like special and unique.
That’s what I am.
I’m different, special, unique.
I live like you but I am different.
I’m not your clone. I’m not you.
I don’t like you. You don’t like me.
We can get past this or we could play this game.
It’s up to you at this point.
I would let it go if I WERE you.
But I’m not you, so I can’t make your choice.
Do you want to keep this game up or do you want to walk away?
You have the choice. You almost always did.
I always left it alone and just left it there.
When you stopped, I stopped.
I let it go, but you start it back up.
You start it up and run. If I start it up, I finish it.
That’s what makes me different from you.
I know when to stop. I know when enough is enough.
I don’t start stuff just to start stuff.
I don’t sit here and act like things are ok.
I gave you the choice, now make the Right decision.
You could drop this and we could leave each other alone, or you could keep this up ‘til you take it too far.
You just don’t understand, do you?
I’m not like you.
I don’t act like I’m stupid and don’t realize that I’m not your toy.
I won’t sit here and let you play with me.
I’m not your little Barbie.
You can’t just try and change me.
I won’t let you change me!
I’m human.
I’m different.

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