The Tree

December 19, 2011
By jamesmontgomery8552 BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
jamesmontgomery8552 BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
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Since the beginning of time

A seed has dropped

And from that seed a tree has grown

And that tree gave life to many.

The bird takes refuge in the trees branch.

The squirrel in the trees trunk.

That squirrel can’t fly

And that bird doesn’t walk

So through that tree it unites the heavens & the earth

Through a bond that can only be seen by… the bird

Or… the squirrel?

But when that tree is cut down,

Heaven comes crashing to the ground

And up rises Hell.

The birds branch is broken.

The squirrels trunk, cracked

And Evil is born

The tree fell and with it fell the hearts & soul of the bird & squirrel.

A broken heart & a broken soul.

The mother & father of Evil.

For the bird was the Heaven

And the squirrel was the Earth

And they lived together apart, in unity divided.

In the tree.

In peace.

But the tree is destroyed

And with it went peace

And forced the heavens & the earth together

Through such an unnatural bond

That only Evil could be born.

But a broken heart & a broken soul

Also give birth to a second child…

For with Evil comes…


The sky is gray.

The tree is gone.

The rain falls heavy.

But through the rain and mud

A shimmer can be seen

The bird and the squirrel go together toward the shimmer

And there it lies

A broken heart & a broken souls second child

Evils twin…


A seed.

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