Words Kill

December 18, 2011
So close to the edge
“Never good enough...”
So far from reality
“Useless good for nothing delinquent…”
My breath does not hitch
I am ready
Been ready
“Overdose, that’s what killed her, honey...”
I lean forward
“Just leave her here! She will be fine...”
Ever so slightly
“She’s eight, Derek! Eight!”
But its enough
“We can have as much as we want!”
Propelled over the edge
“I’m so sorry, Katie, it’s for the best…”
“Daughter? Never had a daughter…”
Not a second passes
“Just let me touch you, it’ll be over soon...”
I hit the ground with a sickening
“It’s all the girls fault!”
“She never even speaks! She’s a selective mute!”
My guardian
“Whose fault is that, do you think?”
On the balcony
“Don’t you see? She’s just like her parents!”
Shakes his head and retreats
“She’s a waste of our money! Its her or me!”
Then there is nothing.

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