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December 18, 2011
By demonkitsune31 SILVER, Granbury, Texas
demonkitsune31 SILVER, Granbury, Texas
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Hold me tight and never let go, it was all I asked, but you’ve dropped me so many times my wings are broken. You push me away just to pull me back, and I run blindly. Shatter my heart so many times only the formaldehyde is keeping it intact, but your tongue’s cool scalpel still cuts through. Those two faces are becoming though they should be appalling. What’s wrong with me? Everything. What’s wrong with you? Nothing, you’re perfect. The broken wings are unfamiliar. Who am I? My eimaj is broken, by you. Your eimaj is distorted; I’ve made you perfect. Love, let me be your Liar; I’ll take your scraps willingly. Don’t contemplate, give me your drug, if only for a single second. One liners swing back and forth, and mine are sharp on the tongue but dull on your cold heart, a heart that will never burn for me, only for her. Please, speak to me, let me know it’s okay, even if you take it all away tomorrow.

The author's comments:
This is about a boy I was in love with, named Jamie. Eimaj (image) is his name spelled backwards.

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