Don't Fall In

December 18, 2011
Pushed out on to the edge by desires,
When pain becomes the source of power,
When you cross that line between strength and weakness,
When the medicine of pain becomes a drug,

When your heart is weakened by a painful fight,
And all of your strength is lost to the night,
Hanging from a thin line dangling from the edge,
Whatever you do just don't fall in

Surrender your strength to determination,
Don't fall into the trap and work through frustration,
Don't push yourself through with bitter thoughts,
Your mind is so clouded you won't see when you fall off,

Don't ever fall into the heat of the pain,
Or give the pain power when it won't go away,
Or surrender to the darkness that will swallow you whole,
When the light is not something you've ever known,

When you start to find you can hardly breathe,
And the pain is pulling you down on your knees,
Surrender your strength to breaking the curse,
Anything else will just make things worse

Push yourself through when your heart knows you will,
Surrender the strength without falling in

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