Lethal Headshot

December 18, 2011
Four simple words: can we try again? I didn't expect anything; I felt as though I was talking into dead space. You spoke and I died. Died again. Sorrow and anguish welled up when I saw the little blink of a celluloid star. 1 NEW MESSAGE. It was not what I had expected. Anguish transcended to elation. You weren’t one to stay mad, and I was right. You seriously said I was right. No words could repair the damage that was done; I felt horrible; I had to hurt you to open your eyes. Saved you from heart-break? I can’t even save myself. Well, do I shine in this new armor? Lucid has a double meaning, and I can’t tell which I am. One thing I know is you don’t love me. But I’ll be alright as long as you use me. But I love you, as much as you loved her. I couldn’t bear to see you hurt. I couldn’t breathe. I can’t deny that I faked every vital sign for you. It was so hard not to watch you when I passed. So hard to act like I wasn’t hurt. I’m sorry… I’m pathetic…

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