Bottle Cap Ball Gown

December 18, 2011
By mbug7 BRONZE, Sparks, Nevada
mbug7 BRONZE, Sparks, Nevada
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Bottle Cap Ball Gown
Soda caps
That’s all
Nothing special
Certainly not

Just five centimeter coke caps
Melting in the acid rain
No one cares about them
They’re crying

Red metal peeling
Spreading their flakes into
The coral
Poor fish

Didn’t live very long
Never had a chance
To perform in the circus
Evade propellers

Or leap through strangling
Soda can holders
Soda caps
Just caps

Poor little Finny
Had to go and cut himself
And bleed all over
The pretty plastic bags

Tormenting each other
Choking each other
“Stop touching me.”
“There’s too many of us.”

Just when a politician
Converses with the right
Test tube pusher
“Global warming?”

“Never heard of him,
Does he work in Health?”

Next it will be
Blue-eyed, shoeless
Lighter than a

Ribs shaping
His entire torso
Hair, cut short

By a stray butter knife
Thrown in the dumpster
Near to his home
Just ‘cause

He figures, since it keeps him alive
His head should be cleaner
Than the rest of him
He’s mistaken

As an old man
Of seventy-five
‘Cause he’s stiff
With misuse

World War Two eyes
Are all he is
Too many battles
Bloody skirmishes

All over the poisonous
Laced in
Bottle caps

The author's comments:
When my social studies teacher talked to my class about the ever increasing population of the world and the problems it is causing I was inspired to write this poem.

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