Where Have I Been

December 18, 2011
By Joslyn94 BRONZE, Boulder, Wyoming
Joslyn94 BRONZE, Boulder, Wyoming
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Where Were You?
You ask
In a saddened voice

Do I even know?
Yes… well…
Here it goes

I went off on a binge again
The night before a haze
Honey please forgive me
I didn’t forget your play

Dad no more excuses
This one makes it four
I’m already used it
You’ve let me down before

It’s hard to face the truth
I’m a loser and a w****
The liquor is my pimp
He’s dealt me out once more

Nothing is the same
And I’m the only one to blame
I couldn’t give it up
And so they walked away

Not that I can blame them
There wasn’t much to leave
I’ve become a shadow
Of what I wish I could still be

Back then I would have been there
I wouldn’t be ashamed
I would have given her roses
Brightened her whole day

I would have sat beside my wife
Would have loved her right
Wouldn’t have hurt he like I did
Wouldn’t have been afraid

To stare my problem in the face
Then turn and walk away

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