Traffic Lights

December 18, 2011
By CassieLynn SILVER, Davis, California
CassieLynn SILVER, Davis, California
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Rain gathers on the gravelly road

Creating a shimmering ebony surface
A man heads to his home

Seeking the comfort of her kiss

He imagines his life with her,

If they hadn’t disagreed, hadn’t fought.
He didn’t care in the least about it

Until she was gone without a second thought

Two days ago, it was
He came home to find her gone
It was his fault, just because

He didn’t want to talk, as she stayed up ‘til dawn

So I got what I wanted,

He realizes while walking down the street
If only I hadn’t been selfish,

Then I would have someone at home to greet

The man looks up, into the rain

Watching the traffic lights dye the raindrops red
He feels as if he is made out of wood

His heart feels made out of lead

Without her with him,

He feels empty, like he’s missing something
She was going to be his wife

He had already picked out a, unique, dazzling ring

It was the way she talked to him

That made him so in love with her
He felt like a kid playing a game

When she said his name as a whisper

Right then he heard a voice

His name being called, and though it wasn’t a whisper
He could tell, without a doubt

That the melodic voice had come from her

She was standing on the corner

Her hair and clothes dripping from the chilling rain
The sight of her was like an alarm clock

Waking him from a groggy sleep of pain

She smiled a small smile

Her eyes still sad but knowing how to love
The man now knew that love was strong

He would walk a thousand miles to reach his little dove

He couldn’t contain himself

“Marry me!” he shouted, voice dulled by the rain
He felt his heart fly

As her head bobbed, her love regained

He kissed her in the rain

Tears falling down both their faces
It was the best kiss they shared

The best of their warm embraces

The author's comments:
This piece came about when my friend and i were driving somewhere, and I saw my math teacher cross the street. He looked sort of depressed. The next day i heard he was engaged or something, and so this little story popped up in my mind!

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on Jan. 31 2012 at 2:35 pm
LenoreNevermore GOLD, Davis, California
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Mr. Richardson would appriciate this.


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