December 18, 2011
By FakePhantom SILVER, Lindon, Utah
FakePhantom SILVER, Lindon, Utah
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I ask myself one winter night,
When will I finally know what's right?
The frosty winds, they bite at me
While this sadness drains my glee.
And while my soul the dreary fries
I fear you do not care like I.
While all my feelings inside keep
I'm stumbling down this mountain steep.
I worry that my heart's desire
Engulfs my soul like a fire.
As my soul creeps to the dark
You cannot erase your marks.
While others view my thoughts as queer
I know there is a chance right here
But, I miss it, to my glum.
So I wait 'til the set of sun.
As comes into my eye,
I know you do not care as I.
I know that you pay me no thought
While I'm waiting, here, to rot.
So why keep trying when we'll fail?
We're wand'ring from the wanted trail.
When your motives aren't like mine,
Nothing will ever be fine.

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