17 @ War

December 18, 2011
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No daddy’s were I am from just mad mother. Why am I disrespected my boys that I should be calling brothers bad air in my lungs my eyes are burnin from all the dirt and dubre am I really suppose to be calling this place h-o-m-e I got third degree burn in my heart and its killing me I am just 17 forced to act as if I am 30. Me and my mother is going threw some things but I am 17 why do I have the weight of the world on me. I am 17 and I am at war. In my neighbor cool is another world for fool if he smoke and she smoke why am I expected to smoke to. I am so full of promise but why promise if I am going to be rewarded with more gangs and violence its time to get out of the place I call home. I am 17 No longer want to be at war its time to call a new place home

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