Shadows of Evil

December 18, 2011
I stand alone in this shadowy place
And can’t help but wonder
Why we must live like this
Full of hurtful lies and much disgrace
And as this life is going under
I can only ask


I lurk in these alleyways of obsoletes
Anger and sadness stirring inside
And I want to know why
Why so much evil roams our streets
Why teens do drugs in car backseats
Nobody stops it
They believe this is how it


I hide in these old cases of stairs
Forgotten rooms
And think of all the caused wounds
All the painful tears
Of all those who couldn’t take


I stand and I watch
These children being bullied
Kicked in the crotch
Slapped in the face
Laughed at
And they cry
Cry for their terrible


I stand in these shadows
And am the only one to think
About all these innocent people
That are abused
And hurt like


I cry in the darkness
For all these painful tears
And long lonely dreadful years
And I know as long as we live
That this suffering will have no reprieval
Until this world can learn to forgive
All the mistakes we’ve made that have caused such great


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cefluvr43vr said...
Jan. 1, 2012 at 9:14 am
it was supposed to be ellen hopkins format -__- oh well...
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