December 18, 2011
You left me, took everything away
Now your in bars and your their to stay

I trusted you, but you lied to me
We would have had a better life
but you chose to drink

I thought you loved me, you may still do
But if you cared about me like you said, you wouldn't do what you do

I grew up living in hell
but it's not just your fault; my mother wasn't here as well

I face the truth about my life and I hide
The tears still fall and everyone asks "Why?"

I never answer, I never have the right words
but if you look into my eyes hard enough, you can see that I hurt.

I look up to the sky
and for once I'll smile

I wish to be there more then anything but I still have a while

I hate knowing that when I awake every morning I'll have the same thing to face

So I rather just die and end this suffering
I'm not afraid to go to that dark place.

So I guess deep inside my soul I'll erase this world of my own

but just remember.....I'll always be your little girl

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