Artist of my Being

December 17, 2011
You are the paintbrush
With which you compose my soul,
With loving detail in every brush stroke

You are the easel
On which my canvas resides,
When brush tip and canvas adjoin
There dwells a flawless connection,
Bounded by you and I

You are the ambrosial aroma of a Christmas Ham,
Dangling in the air
Akin to a mollifying morning mist

You are that heart-warming bowl of ramen noodles,
That with each spoonful playfully caresses my lips
With steamy tendrils reaching out
Like the hands of a specter,
Stroking my ice-bound cheeks

You are that sole star,
Suspended in the abysmal cosmos,
Whose benevolent love and clemency
Burns more mightily than a thousand suns

You are that part of me
Who will endure through the ages,
For you have made me who I am

You are that part of me,
That will forever be apart of me,
Dearest Sister

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Anonymous_7 said...
Apr. 5, 2012 at 3:49 pm
Wow, this is very sad. But wonderfuly written. I can imagine how terriable it would be to lose my sister. You did an excellant job. Keep up the good work!
Garrett93 replied...
Apr. 6, 2012 at 12:41 pm
Thank you very much for your feedback! I appreciate it! Actually, my sister is still alive, thank God. This was just a metaphorical poem that I had to write for my English class describing a person that plays a huge role in our lives, so I chose my sister! I do understand your interpretation of the poem, though. After reading through it a couple of times, I do sort of make it sound like she had passed away. But she is still with us :) Thanks again for the comment! 
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