The Tigress' Battle

December 17, 2011
A battle is about to begin.
Hear her gentle footsteps
In the dark of the night,
Hidden in the bushes,
The tigress prepares for vengeance,
She prepares to take her kill.
The music grows,
She runs to the enemy.
She pulls her guns out
And starts to fire.
Sharp eyes, perfect aim;
One by one they fall down.
Everything now in slow motion
When her main target arrives.
They circle each other,
Fire is dancing in their eyes.
Patience is wearing thin,
The music gains back its speed.
She charges her prey,
And he doesn't expect it.
She rips him to shreds,
With her razor sharp claws.
And when she's done,
The music is triumphant.
She drags the bodies
And piles them on top of each other.
She sets fire to them all
And she watches it dance
When the flames have consumed them,
She simply stares.
Her battle is over.
Now the music ends.

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