Stop Looking to the River

December 17, 2011
By Eliahumandoglover SILVER, San Francisco, California
Eliahumandoglover SILVER, San Francisco, California
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You don’t get much from staring at a face.
Yet there you stare through the rippled waters
A swimming face
In the river
That’s supposedly me
The stars twinkle
In my eyes
Deep dark like the descending night
Brown chocolate eyes
Narrow face
Soft dimples smiling in the under twisting waters
The warmth when I smile transcending the surrounding dark
My dark brown hair tangled
Like the waves of water
A short cut bobbing up and down like a jellyfish
You don’t get much from staring at a face
It’s just a picture, a face
Maybe its beautiful maybe
Maybe ugly
Maybe you love it
Maybe you loath its existence
But it doesn’t matter
there is something more important living past those eyes
Past that face
There is a mind
A brain
A heart
A soul
That you won’t get from staring at me
So stop right there
Lets do something
Anything else
And I’ll teach you who I am

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