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December 15, 2011
By lily_says_rawr GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
lily_says_rawr GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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You say describe in words,
Don’t you know I can’t.
My words barely touch the surface,
My thoughts far beyond this body.

Numbers, what a marvelous thing,
Are infinite unlike my words.
Sure they show lack of “creativity”,
But I say they open up a whole new world.

Ask me how I feel about this and that,
Let me not tell you, but draw you a mathematical diagram.
You don’t understand and I’m not asking you to,
Just know that’s how I function, far from any grammar conjunction.

Though my speech may hold me back,
My numbers still remain.
Let me write for you in numbers,
Then you will understand.

In comparison I come short x<y,
No matter how many times I x?,
You can always ?x?,
So for now ///.

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