The Loveless Rambler

December 15, 2011
You’re a stranger who hides herself from the world and everyone
Even me…
The person who pulled you out of your home
It’s so hard for you to love when it’s been a long, cold, and blustery winter for that heart of yours
There are not more positive feelings or any at all…
But spring has come ever so sweet
The sun will not shine for long
So I say to that delicate face of yours,
“Welcome home, you Loveless Rambler.”
Your eyes light up, they’re yearning for happiness
You fall quiet and stare blankly at the pavement
Reaching to hold you, you open up to me
Bliss stumbles upon my face as I hear such words spill out of your mouth
Kittens give you warm fuzzy feelings
Music is still saving your life
After awhile of giggles escaping from our mouths and smiles appearing on our faces,
You slowly start releasing the words,
“I…should be going home, now.”
Home to you is where you are unknown and hidden
It’s raining constantly
Sorrow and the feeling of being neglected replace the droplets of water
Before going our separate ways, I look at you and say with a tired, weary expression,
“I love you…remember me, forever.”
Facing the other way, I can sense your agony as the words go on repeating in your mind
Gazing at the sky, you take off
I barely see you fading away out of the corner of my eye
Your tears turn into mini waterfalls filled with diamonds
Your porcelain, white face breaks and shatters
Once again, I say as your face appears in my head,
“Remember me, forever, you, Loveless Rambler…”

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