The power that we all hold

December 15, 2011
By MeganCardenas BRONZE, Stillwater, Minnesota
MeganCardenas BRONZE, Stillwater, Minnesota
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The black ball point pen.
A simple object
that is more than it seems.
It can scrawl words as deadly and sharp as a blade;
Or write words as beautiful and vast
As the sea.
It is far more than a writing utensil,
The pen is imagination.

It creates.
The pen gives the person wielding it
The ability to change life's.
It is power.
The Power to draw wonderful scenes.
Or pictures darker than imaginable.
It can describe what cannot be re-lived.
the pen can reach into the atic of the mind,
And grab in the deepest corner of memories.

The pen can seem like a trick.
If you close your eyes and write about memories,
It can feel as if you're holding something long lost.
Or falling for a second time.
But the pen is weak.
For it is not the thing that is great,
But the hand holding it.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this poem because I am an artist, and i draw mainly in pen and ink. I could never live without pens, because they give me the power to create art and to write.

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