Taken by the Sea

December 15, 2011
Little bits of luster, little bits of not
Scattered punctually across breaks in the waves
Fleeing swiftly back into the fantastic beauty of the water
It’s entity spontaneous
Dying a little bit in that it might get to live a little bit more
Sometimes falling in between the cracks
Losing itself (or rather escaping) into the dark and beautiful sublime
Captured by one’s own mind
Subdued by the senses
Memories (or realities) a little bit lost, a little bit found
And resurrected from the deepness of the heart (some maybe deeper than others)
Stuck in a place thought to have been of confusion
And though all is strange, all is honest
Reality almost loses meaning, but holds on just long enough to capsize the calculations of the mind
Sitting in the sand, right beside the shore
Watching the sun set with the moon
Taken by the sea
And into it I throw my regrets and my bitterness
And all that comes back is the tide.

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