December 15, 2011
Death by molasses.
A dark pool of concentrated atmosphere,
A tense-held breath,
The air thick of smog and smoke.
It fills the room,
Poisoning precious oxygen,
Carbon dioxide bubbles beneath the skin.
Waist deep, a thick, syrupy ooze
Coating the lips and nostrils,
Sealing them shut.
Around the throat,
Constricting serpent,
Clenching the lungs and occupying
The mouth.
Eyes filled to the brim with deception and lies,
Slashes of snapped promises
At the legs and hands,
The bloody tracks licked away
By the Black’s greedy tongue.
Mouth foul with insults kept,
Received and given all the same;
You can feel the dropping in the
Pit of your gut.
Cruel, unforgiving monster,
Of a conversation gone sour.
Of that single lightbulb
Hot to the fingers and wilting
Like a rose in winter or
A love note in a crawling,
Torpid burning room.
Black’s disguise is well-worn,
A trick of psyche or human’s most
Betraying emotion.
Fate’s cruel caress or the playing of God,
The world is engulfed by red.
You are blind,
For that is the ploy all along.
Losing your identity,
And independence,
To the teasing,
Twisting smile of sweet,

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