December 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Oh mommy,
Tell me what did I ever do to you?
Tell me why,
When you heard me crying myself to sleep,
Why didn’t you come in?
And try to comfort me?
Why do neglect me,
Forget I exsist.
Why don’t you care about me,
Your daughter,
Your flesh.
Why do you let me go through life without a mom to care for me?
Why do you insult me?
Your words are like knifes,
Deadly and strong.
I try mommy,
To be like Natasha,
The daughter you love,
You worship,
Sarcastic and stupid.
A beauty with no brains,
I try to make you love me,
But you don’t…
Why mommy?
When daddy died,
Somehow I knew,
I’d never be loved again.
You hate me.
It’s obvious.
But why?
Why mommy?

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