The Tale of Dwarf

December 15, 2011
By Noelleiscool GOLD, Thompsonville, Michigan
Noelleiscool GOLD, Thompsonville, Michigan
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Little Grumpy was a dwarf
That no one wants to be around
'Cause he had an ugly frown
And his only friend was a scary clown

That read him stories at bedtime
Read him stories at bedtime
Of places he wish he could go
But places that he'll never know

Little Grumpy climbed a tree
To see all he could see he saw
That there was a dining hall
Directly across the street

He leaped a leap and found that chicken salad recipe that you have always wanted to know the name of but couldn't remember

Little Grumpy can't you see?
The world's not as bad
As you'd like it to be
And chicken salad isn't free

And neither are people's feelings

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