Narrow Cibophobia

December 15, 2011
By , orland hills, IL
Never narrow enough to fit
too much extra baggage when I sit
An argument with the reflection in the mirror
The though of dinnertime consumes me with fear
Pinch the skin suffocating my hips
As self-degrading whispers leave my lips
Twenty pounds under will never be enough
My hair has started falling out because times have gotten tough
Since the sixth grade the taunts have fell
Always backing myself in a corner too afraid to tell
Starving, but not hungry enough to eat
Making a bowl of cereal, followed by cold feet
A weeks amount of food in a months amount of time
Decreasing the numbers just to get these words to rhyme
Can't leave the house before I see the numbers on the screen
A number added means no consumption if you want to be lean
Some people worry and advise, while others don't seem to care
That the skin stretched across my bones causes them to stare
My ribs protrude and my legs won't meet
And still i sit in the cafeteria rocking in my seat
Beauty is unnatainable with the perfection I long for
As my skeleton grows weak and I fall to the floor

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