Wintertime Reminiscing

December 15, 2011
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I believe in the power of winter.
For even a Scrooge, season's greetings strike fire at the core.
The breeze greets with a nip at the nose;
Often chilling, but a sign that winter has arrived.
I believe in full stomachs and gifts and carols.
Table conversations are met with a crackling fireplace;
Mumbling about forkfuls of turkey and apple pie.
Grandma's withered hands and warm smiles
Handing peppermints to every squealing child.
I believe in night drives with the family.
Each and every house covered with twinkling lights;
Plastic reindeer illuminating the lawn.
The brilliant twinkle in the eyes of the youth
As they witness the wonders of toy trains
Slowly turning about a track,
Drifting with the conductor’s rhythmic whistles.
I believe in Christmas jitters;
Lying in bed enveloped in thick blankets.
Christmas music humming gingerly from the stereo;
A lullaby to calm anxious minds.
I believe in Christmastime.

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