Break Free

December 14, 2011
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Ruled by a machine,
This is my world,
The likes of which only I can see.
A battle of man versus the machine,
And man is losing.

Enslaved to a machine,
Forced into servitude.
Rage, regret, rejection, repulsion.
Madness ensues, grand and chaotic,
As reform attempts to take its place.

They can take apart the world,
But what will be done with all the parts?
The machine has no hope of survival,
Time to realize what is at stake.

Thinking like a man of action,
Acting like a man of thought.
Thinking like a prisoner of war,
Acting like a warrior that will take no prisoners.

The machine is not happy,
Unable to function without its parts.
But what if I am done,
Just a piece of the puzzle?

Ready for something more,
Ready for life without chains?
Ready for importance,
Ready for a difference?

Wandering out of the shadows,
Emerging through the fog.
The time is now,
The time is mine,
Time to make it my world again.

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