Conversations With Reflections (bright eyes)

December 14, 2011
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Look into my eyes and tell me the truth for once.
No response? That is because you are
just a simple little reflection on the bathroom mirror.
You cannot speak, you have no voice of your own.
But tell me, bright eyes, where have you gone?
What happened to you?
Where is your light?

I know someone has taken it away from
you, love.
And whomever has done it
is a vile creature, who should be-
you say pitied?
Yes, pitied. For we don’t know
who took their light away, that
they felt the need to steal yours.

It cannot be helped.
You must shine through, bright eyes.
You cannot let that darkness overcome your light.
Since when have you been one to give up?
To give in?

The way you are acting now, I don’t know you anymore.
But please, don’t leave me.
I cannot stand the loneliness
of which your absence would cast upon me.
Bright eyes, gone dim
in my reflection

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