Level's of Life

December 20, 2011
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School is tough, mean, and cruel.
We all go through what they call high school.
Drama, lies, rumors, death, it happens to most of
Us through out our lives. But, honesty says to just be yourself.
The kids at school may call you names. But, honesty says they
Just have narcissistic minds. They think they’re better,
But were all the same. What most don’t realize is life is a silly game…
A game of growing wisdom, a game of growing hope, a game of
Making a reputation, but that one is just a hoax.
You’ll have your best friend; you’ll have your worst enemy,
But don’t let them get in the way of your successful journey.
The job you have will mean nothing. As long as you tried,
And cared about nothing. Forgot the drama, forgot the lies, and forgot the death
But held on to their lives. They are the ones, who made the biggest mark,
Left a tattoo on your little town’s heart. But, honesty says
Don’t worry about them, worry about the ones who never left.
They’ll be there forever. High school is just a break through
Of our hardest level.

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