Ten Lovely Teardrops

December 14, 2011
Sitting alone I count my teardrops…
Everything is still and silent
The first tear recollects your uncontrollable drinking and our fighting
The second one comes from the dreadful words shooting out of your mouth
My thoughts drowning my own reality creates the third
The fourth one reminds me of being abandoned, thrown away, and damaged
My “lucky” fifth one was from all my new scars resembling my emotions spinning out of control
With the world stealing my sweetness, the sixth tear will be shed
I’m lacking my blissful personality…Well, there goes my seventh
Broken hearts, broken promises, and broken smiles swell up and fall
Number eight.
Black and white, that phrase won’t escape my mind, “I love you.”
Fake, artificial, clichéd
Empty meanings, empty feelings, all of it…empty
Here's to my tenth droplet...
I am lifeless
There's nothing left to take
Slowly, I'm disappearing…
Until then,
You can find me sitting alone counting my
Ten Lovely Teardrops

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