December 14, 2011
That’s what they are
The whisperers
The bulliers
The antagonizers
The snikerers
The stareres
They are grey
Because secretly
There jealous
Of our color
The rainbow that shrouds our
Blue green violet
Streak our silhouette
In a chorus of cascading hues
So yes, their:
Because they just
Can’t be truthful
Because they just
Can’t be themselves
Because they…

Aren’t colorful

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Sept. 5, 2012 at 6:59 pm
This is really good! Just a couple suggestions/comments :P 
1- put "souls" in the line above it, I think it might flow a tiny bit better 2- in the last couple of lines, maybe you could just write "because they just/ cant be truthful/and/cant be themselves"
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