dance of wolves

December 14, 2011
On a full moon shining
the dawns grass not yet wet
nor the night too young
the gathering wolves come out to play

One by one they huddle together
pairs decided, musicians picked
lining shoulders, the formation practiced
an unmoving silence, patience

slowly, the music begins
rising one lifts their arms
moving with an unnatural grace
the righteous circle flows

steadily, the beats quicken
musician's fingers singed with movement
as fluently the dance begins
the dance of wolves

Rhythm grows and the wolves dance faster
light feet, the vibrations glow
daintily the wolves prance
the dance of wolves

unthinkable speed they fly faster
jumping, leaping, around they go
no one can stop the dance they started
the dance of wolves

Night wares on, oblivious to them
at the stroke of midnight they part
with silence two royals enter
the king and queen of wolves

between them a bow, a curtsy
he takes her hand and the melody starts
a flash of fur and crown
the king and queen of wolves

they dance, mesmerized the others watch
twirling and smiles, an elegant array
the final sequence, the final kiss
the king and queen of wolves

the morning rises the sun peeks over
eventually they had to depart
not to worry, for someday the dance will start again
the dance of wolves

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Sept. 5, 2012 at 7:00 pm
I really like the detail :) It's beautiful.
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